Dual power progressive lens

RECOMMENDED FOR Current progressive wearers seeking maximized visual comfort

Presio Power features a dual power progressive design with wider intermediate vision for fast adaptation and a clear aberration filter for sharper vision. The lens is designed to fulfill progressive lenses’ most required criteria - "fast adaptation" and "natural vision" in a single lens.


Much improved performance for high addition above 2.00D

Wider intermediate vision for superior adaptation

Presio First-visual-1

The levels of aberrations have been lowered around the pupil area, providing an incredibly wide intermediate vision area therefore instant adaptation.

Wider Intermediate Vision for Fast Adaption

The optimization of fitting parameters such as wrap angle, tilt angle, and eye-lens distance helps minimize optical distortions for more precise vision all around.

comfortableReadingVision PresioFirst-bad

Conventional Progressive Lens

comfortableReadingVision PresioFirst-good

Presio Power

Sharper vision

Optical aberrations are reduced providing the greatest possible visual clarity and sharpness.

(photo taken with actual lens placed over a grid)

BC before

Conventional Progressive Lens

BC after

Presio Power




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